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Motor Vehicle Accident Claims In Atlanta, GA

Car Accident Injury Case in Atlanta

vehicle accident injury attorney in atlanta pictureUsually, auto accidents occur because a driver has been negligent, meaning that he or she has operated a vehicle in a careless and unsafe manner. A driver must exercise “reasonable care” while behind the wheel and may be deemed negligent for violating speed limits, ignoring traffic signals, or being preoccupied by distracting activities like eating or talking on a cell phone while driving.

The burden of proving negligence, however, is on the injured party. It falls on the victim to show that the driver who caused the car accident was negligent and that the accident caused injuries deserving of compensation.

An experienced and reputable accident lawyer will skillfully navigate an injured person’s claims through the complexities of the court system, pinpointing the legal bases for the claims and quantifying the damages to which the injured individual is entitled.

Car Accidents, Truck Accidents and Motorcycle Accidents

These are the most common vehicle accidents. If you have been injured in an accident involving any of these motor vehicles and believe that others may be at fault, please contact personal injury attorney, Jeffrey B. Grimm, P.C. We will evaluate your case to see if you have a claim.

Thousands of auto accidents happen every day in the U.S. Whether caused by negligence, mechanical failures or design flaws, you have rights. Jeffrey Grimm has the knowledge and experience to determine if you have a car accident case and if so, will aggressively represent you.


Atlanta attorney Jeffrey B. Grimm, P.C. can handle motor vehicle injury claims and bicycle accident injury claims throughout the state of Georgia in any of the following practice areas;